Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Request: Indica Islands of Light Music Video Look

Hey Everyone!
So I got a request to do the makeup look from the music video for Islands of Light by Indica. It's a very defined teal/grey look with a cool wing shape, and false lashes with some red rhinestones and black eyeliner.

What I used:
- Ben Nye Peacock Lumiere Luxe Powder in Peacock
- Ben Nye Liquiset
- Ardell Lashes #139
- NYX Felt Tip Liner
- red rhinestones
- NYX black eyeshadow
- NYX Jumbo Eye pencil in black bean

Just so you know, I'm always open to suggestions! whatever look you want me to do I will =)
Coming up: I'd like to do a video post on how to do yin yang nails, and just general tools for doing nails, A post on makeup organization, a video about how to do water marbling on nails, and many more makeup/ nail looks! Now that I'm home from camp I plan to do a lot more blog posts than I have been doing =) I was thinking of doing a series of makeup looks inspired by different skies from different parts of the day, how does that sound?


  1. GURL! This is what I wanna do but I'm chicken! I've been wanting to do the wing look! I think I'll try it now :D Looks great, bb! <3

  2. gorgeous! Your eye color is amazing. I'm sure you've been told that before. :)

  3. Oh, Chloe! I'm so happy you're back! This is a beautiful look and I love love the rhinestones. I must think on an idea for a request and send it in a day or so. YAY - Chloe's back!!!!!

  4. Love the peacock colour. Such a gorgeous look!

  5. Thank you so much everyone!! and yes, please do think of requests, I really like getting them =)

  6. This is beautiful! I'm envious of your skills =).

  7. Thanks Nicki! btw, I really like the purple blue and green mermaid look you did, so pretty! =)

  8. This is so beautiful! It really makes your eyes look so blue. Love it.

  9. Blimey, really freaking beautiful! Your eye colour reminds me of swimming pools, gorgeous. x

  10. I love how the blue really brings out the blue in your eyes! Very cool look :)

    I'm following you:)

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  11. Thanks Ashley! I entered you giveaway! =)

  12. i love it! love the color and the lashes!!