Monday, July 26, 2010

Having Fun with Lip Colors!

Hey everyone!

Soo, here's the lip stuff that I was doing yesterday! I kind of discovered a new love for lip design and color, I think it makes a nice, bold statement and photographs really well. Also, I think a lot of people regard black lipstick as gothic or depressing, but I definitely disagree. Of course it's a statement making color, but I wish that statement wasn't seen as a negative or rebellious one because black lipstick looks so cool! I'm not saying in any way that everyone sees it that way, but I know that some people do.
Anyway, enough with my rant about black lipstick and onto the pictures! ok for the first few, I had on black over metallic blue, which made a really cool shade that wasn't quite black or matte and had some blue undertones in it. The first c
ouple of pictures I thought looked most editorial.
Here's one with the rainbow wing makeup I had on (obviously that got smudged a bit)

Blue heart

MAC funtabulous dazzleglass over matte black lipstick (sorry about the feathering on this one, eek!)

Hope you like them!


  1. Whoaaah the silver lipstick looks really cool! Now THAT is a statement colour! =).

  2. thanks! the silver is actually just silver eyeshadow over black lipstick! since I was going to take it off soon after putting it on I didnt do this, but you can put a coat of clear gloss over that and then it will stay longer =D

  3. Great post! Though I would never wear that colour on my lips

  4. Thanks! Yeah, I don't think I would ever wear any of these everyday either, but it's fun to play with dramatic colors at home, I think =)

  5. I love fun lipcolors, I actually think the feathering on that dazzleglass+black lippie combo looks really cool because of the colors you used.

  6. I love these dramatic lip colours. I very rarely have the courage to wear any myself but I always like seeing them on other people.

  7. AAAAGHHH. THE HEART!!!!!! :D The heart!!! I kept staring at that one for MINUTES.

    AND, you are the ONLY ONE I know who can rock the black lip!!! :D