Saturday, July 24, 2010

Product Review: Sephora Flashy Eyeliners

Hey everyone!
These are some of my favorite eyeliners, Sephora flashy liners! They're very pigmented and stay on for a long time. Each time a new color comes out I always make sure to get it. From left to right:
Deep Black: good matte black
Flashy Black: shimmery black
Flashy Ultra Violet: medium purple with blue shimmer
Flashy Mauve: Very light pink with a blue tint
Flashy Blue: Bright turquoise
Flashy Green: nice velvety green, almost teal
Flashy Ultra Green: grass green, nice and bright
Flashy Brown: very pretty copper
Flashy Copper: (not copper colored) metallic gold
Flashy Silver: (not silver) white shimmer. I use it as a base for using eyeshadow as eyeliner

You can get these at Sephora for 8$


  1. Wow, those look incredible. Sad we don't have a Sephora in the UK. :(

  2. aw Im sorry =( there must be some sort of alternative there though, right?

  3. I looked at these last time I was at Sephora, now I know I NEED flashy blue :D

  4. oo yes! flashy blue is my favorite I think =) its so vibrant!

  5. Wow thanks for posting that! I'm afraid to go in to sephora! lol $8 isn't bad though! Love the blog i've already looked through all of it so i'll be looking forward to following!
    follow me!