Friday, November 12, 2010

Maybelline Monday: Taupe Temptress eyeshadow quad

Hey Everyone!
I'm SO sorry that this is so late! 5 days to be exact! The only excuse I have is that this week was the last week of the quarter, and taking IB classes, that can only mean one thing: stress, stress, and more stress! School aside, I'm very happy with the way this look came out, as well as the pictures, so there's lots of them, enjoy!

What I Used:
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- Maybelline Taupe Temptress Eyeshadow Quad
- Maybelline Gel liner in brown
- Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

Steps for creating this look:
1) Apply Too Faced Shadow insurance all over your lid and around your eye.
2) Brush the 3rd color in the quad (light brown) onto the inner 2/3 of your lid and then the 2nd color (light pink) onto the outer third. Blend those two together.
3) Using a crease brush, apply the 4th and darkest color in the quad to your crease and blend it towards your inner corner. Then with a fluffy blending brush, blend out the harsh edges to smooth gradients.
4) Brush on Maybelline gel liner in brown to your upper lashline, and lower waterline, creating a slight wing at the corner. Then apply mascara and you're good to go!

Hope you all enjoyed this look,


  1. A great look! The colors in this quad are very beautiful!

  2. love the look and the quad looks great :)

  3. Wauw, you're really good. This is NOT the last time I visit your blog. Good work.