Monday, November 1, 2010

Maybelline Monday: Green With Envy Eyeshadow Quad

Hey Everyone!
Here's the Maybelline Monday of the week, using the Green With Envy eyeshadow quad.

What I used:
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- Maybelline Green With Envy Quad
- Maybelline Gel eyeliner in Blackest Black
- Maybelline Great Lash Mascara


  1. I love the colours in the palette and your eotd looks amazing. Your blending is so good it looks duo-chrome. Gorgeous! x

  2. This is beautiful! Love this green and brown look!

  3. I like this one much better than the purples from last week. Last weeks looked too sheer for my liking.. but these colors seem much more pigmented and stand out more. <3

  4. Thanks! Although the purples from last week were actually just as pigmented, if not more. I usually take my own photos on auto focus and it's always a gamble whether any of them will come out in focus and when they don't, the colors always get very washed out for some reason, like last week...
    for this look, I had my friend take the photos on manual focus, so they all came out looking MUCH better and the colors look like what they actually do =)
    Sorry if this comes off as defensive, I just read it to myself and it kinda does haha, I just want to explain why these are so much better

  5. Holy crap this is beautiful!! Wow!

  6. Looooove the lid shade and the pop of gold on the inner corner :)