Monday, September 13, 2010

A Green eyeliner look I did a little while ago

Hey Everyone!
I'm back! So this is a look that I did about a week ago actually, but i just never got around to posting it because I've been busy with starting school and with Fashion Week, which was, by the way AMAZING! I'll have to do a post on all of the shows I saw soon... pictures of backstage and stuff included! so crazy!
anyway, this is a sort of dark green eyeliner gradient that fades into lime green as you get further away from the eye. I was inspired to do this when I noticed an old eyeshadow duo from too faced that's been sitting around for a while now called lucky charms. It's basically a really pretty dark and light green. When I saw the end result of this look, it reminded me of a vein in a leaf that's dark green and fades into the light green color that the leaf is.

What I used:
- NYX eyeshadow base
- Too Faced eyeshadow duo in Lucky Charms
- Maybelline Define-a-Lash mascara
- NYX jumbo eye pencil in black bean
- Wet'n'wild black liquid liner

ALSO: Im making a new, separate blog for nail polish because I want this one to be only for makeup! the new blog will be called the nailtress and it will be up soon! I paint my nails once a day, so expect a new color every day!


  1. I love that colours! You did a great job with this look

  2. How did Maybelline find out about your blog? is there a possibility that Johnny Weir recommended you to them? that would be crazy!

  3. thanks!!
    and my neighbor showed them my blog hahaha but it would be crazy if Johnny even looked at my blog!

  4. you have really pretty eyes ! =)

    i love the colors you used !