Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Imitating a Sephora add

Hey Everyone!
So, coincidentally, after going to Harmon and getting my first dark purple lipstick (NYX Black Label lipstick in Seductive) because I love interesting lip colors, I got the new Sephora beauty report in the mail and it had a look with purple lips and eyeshadow on the cover! I went to try the lipstick out and figured, why not go ahead and try to imitate the add! So I did and here's what I came up with:

I was pretty happy with the turnout, and here is a link to the sephora page for the look I was imitating. I know the colors look really off, but that's because the lighting in my room is much different than their professional sets!

What I used:
- NYX eyeshadow base
- Jordana eyeshadow in Ms. Jordana
- Sephora Flashy liner in Flashy Brown and flashy violet
- NYX black label lipstick in Seductive
- Coastal Scents contour and blush palette