Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Imitating a MAC desig

Hey Everyone!
Today I saw this makeup look on Johnny Weir from a MAC photoshoot and it looked like a lot of fun so I did it! It gives emotion to a blank face which I thought was a very cool effect. There were a lot of ways to photograph this, so there are a lot of pictures in this post!

What I used:
- NYX eyeshadow base
- NYX black eyeshadow
- Jordana snowy white eyeshadow
- NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
- 2 pairs of false lashes from Harmon
- Wet'n'wild Mega Eyes Defining Marker


  1. Aw, I Love it! I like dramatic looks, even if they are just for fun at the house lol!

  2. it's quite funny...check out my blog

  3. Fun look, I really like seeing what people do when they play around with unusual looks.

  4. this is just amazing :) you're very talented

  5. wow this looks so cool! =)

    I like your eye color, it rly stands out, the only thing that seems to be a little "strange" for me is this black eyeshadow line ^^.

  6. i love the twiggy inspired look! its stunning!

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  8. Wow, this is so twiggy with a twist of gaga to it. xx

  9. The makeup makes your eyes look huge! Very twiggy-esque :)

  10. OMG..Gorgeous! Your pictures look like a model in an ad.

  11. aw thank you so much!! =D
    and I definitely see what you mean about it looking like Twiggy although it was inspired by makeup that Johnny Weir had on at a MAC shoot
    and while the black eyeshadow line is a bit strange looking, I think it gives expression to a blank face which is a really cool effect =)