Monday, June 14, 2010

Product Review: Ben Nye Lumiere Palette

This is Ben Nye Lumiere Palette. It's one of my favorite palettes because It has 12 perfect colors that are super pigmented and gorgeous! The color choices are very good as well; you have your highlight colors, gold and silver, and then one basic color to represent each color of the rainbow. This is the palette I used to create my rainbow eye look and I think you can see why!
Here is the full palette. The colors can be switched around, so this is not the way they are packaged, I had to rearrange them in rainbow order because, well, that's just me! Also, that is a quarter next to it, just to show size.
In terms of price, it's 60$ which can be seen as expensive but In my opinion that is a fantastic deal! Each eyeshadow is very pigmented and a good size, this will last a very long time. plus, when you divide 60 by the 12 eyeshadows you're getting, each one comes out to be 5 dollars which is really good. definitely a must have in my collection.
Top row swatches: (from left to right) Ice, Iced Gold, Aztec Gold, Silver, Amethyst, Cosmic Violet
Bottom row Swatches: Azalea, Tangerine, Sun Yellow, Chartreuse, Jade, Cosmic Blue

The bottom line: If you are an eyeshadow fanatic like me, then I would definitely recommend this palette to you!

Here is the rainbow eye look I did using nothing but these colors for the eyeshadow part:
very good blendability(is that even a word?? probably not hahaha) as you can see!

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